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boredom buster ideas and activities


Looking for some inspiration for fun things you can do from the comfort of your home? I know here at Apéro we certainly are. Don’t worry, we have you covered. We took to Instagram and asked our amazing online Apéro audience to share their favourite boredom buster for passing the time at home and below is a compilation of our favourite responses. So we don't overwhelm you for choice, we will be rolling out 10 ideas this week and 10 next week. We hope this helps keep you entertained in the coming weeks ahead #weareallinthistogether



Treat yourself to an afternoon aperitif. Here at Apéro, we are ALL about this afternoon moment. When 5pm hits, why not dress up in your outfit (we recommend the Izi Linen Blazer and a classic Apéro White/Black Beaded Tee), crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a little snack with your roomies over laughs and games.


Keep active with an indoor bodyweight exercise from Youtube. There are a lot of fitness centers and gyms that are currently doing online classes - tune in and support them, while keeping yourself fit. Alternatively, check out our ‘Sweat with Apéro’ blog for a workout that will get every muscle burning.


I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to learn a new language, but have never felt like I had the time to commit to it. Now could be the time to keep your brain active and come out with an amazing new skill on the other side. Your future jet setting self will no doubt thank you for it. We'd recommend Duolingo as a really easy and helpful tool to get you started. 


Use this time to FaceTime or Houseparty and catch up with those friends or family members you may not have caught up within a few months. Life is busy for everyone and it's rare that we get to stop and actually think about the people in our lives that we value and invest in our friendships. 


Move aside Jamie Oliver, put the 5 ingredient cookbook and frozen meals away for the next month and experiment with cooking some gourmet recipes. A comforting meal could be just what you need and let's be real, we all get a little extra joy from a delicious meal or baked goods.


Learn to wine and dine like a boss (minus the dine part), by taking the time to master the cocktail you have always wanted to make. Your friends will love you for it.


If you haven't already, download TikTok and prepare for a good old fashion laugh and time waster. While you’re at it, attempt a trending TikTok dance, if nothing else it will keep you active and no doubt put a smile on your face.


Get some supplies from your local art store and watch some online art tutorials. It's the perfect time to create some custom art for your home or make homemade cards/artworks for your friends and family. For those who are new to art, don't forget about adult colouring books. It might sound lame, but there are some amazing books out there. 


Buy some basic sewing equipment and fabric and get crafty. There are a lot of online tutorials for basic sewing techniques you can play around with. If your parents have an old sewing machine lying around, ask to borrow it and attempt making something simple for your home, like new pillowcases in fun prints & fabrics. For some you may find sewing the perfect way to switch off your brain.


It's safe to say that most of us would probably go for a classic nude or red colour when doing our nails. While you are stuck at home why not get creative with your nail polish - try playing with a mix of colours for something different.