While the thought of staying at home first seemed appealing, a lot of us are starting to feel restlessness kick in. While it’s good for your mental health to simply just be and take a moment to relax, sometimes we need a little entertainment to fill the time. We’ve come up with 10 more creative ways you can add some fun to your life while in home isolation model. Feel free to check out our first 10 ideas and give one a go while you wear your favourite Apéro jumper loungewear! Who said that being at home has to be boring!



Exercise your brain by starting an online course or master class in something new or build on a skill you already have. You are never too young or too old to learn and self improve.


Start working your way through the list of books you have been wanting to read and for those who are stuck for some reading inspo check out our Apéro office reads blog, to find out what the Apéro team are all currently reading.


Journaling is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings and simply process life. If you like writing or being able to visualise things, this could be the perfect way to vent or destress for you. A positive place to start is by writing down what you are grateful for each day. The good thing about journaling is you can be as creative or factual with your writing as you want, there is no right or wrong.


Every now and then it's good to treat yourself to a little at home pamper session. We like to light a special Maison Balzac candle, put on a warm bath and start with an epsom salt soak. From there, put on a facemask (currently loving the new leave-on Aesop vitamin mask), do a little Frank Body Coffee Scrub, and then finish with a body hydrating moisturiser (obsessed with Go-To Exception oil). It’s a simple routine, but always leaves us feeling amazing.


Just because we are all stuck at home on a Saturday night, doesn't mean we can’t have a boujee night in. After you enjoy a little pamper, dress up in your favourite feel-good outfit, light a candle, put on some moody music and make a fancy dinner. This could be a cute way to keep your date night feeling fresh and fun.


If you haven't discovered this yet, you NEED to. It can be played with just two people and is super easy, entertaining and addictive. 


There has never been a better time to get online and support those local stores and brands you love, then right now. We have all been dreaming of the day we can justify buying that pair or new boots or comfy knit sweater and now you’ve got a great excuse to #treatyoself whilst doing good for the economy. Just make sure to #shoplocal with all of your purchases and gift shopping.


Our pets really are like family and now we get to give them some extra love while working from home. Create some fun and simple games that you can play with them throughout the day. The smallest bits of attention go a long way in making their day great :) 


Give yourself permission to binge watch a new Netflix series, you don't often get to watch hours of guilt free television, so make the most of it. Tiger King on Netflix was our recent binge. We watched the whole thing in one weekend - we can definitely recommend. 


Channel your inner nerd with online puzzles, mind games and apps. We recently discovered ‘blockscapes’ on the app store and am now addicted. We figure it’s a good way to exercise the brain and still have fun.