For Women in History month, the team at Apéro are using this time to appreciate the women in our life and be grateful for the opportunities that we have.  We are also taking this time to educate ourselves on the charities and movements that need our support and the ways that we can give back to the community and people in need. 

This week, we're spotlighting the End It Movement, which is fighting the biggest human rights issue the world has ever faced; slavery.  It's heartbreaking to discover that there are currently an estimated 40.3 million people held against their will in slavery, 71% of which are women and 25% are innocent children. Although slavery is illegal in all countries, this human rights issue is still prevalent in 87% of these nations. Shockingly, there are more people trapped in slavery today than ever before in human history! Most of the world is blissfully unaware and that is why the #enditmovement is fighting for the freedom of the souls living without their basic human rights and opportunities.

The End It Movement is made up of 17 amazing Coalition Partners, such as; World Vision, the Salvation Army, Not For Sale and Free The Slaves, who each focus on a different area to fight slavery and trafficking. These Coalition Partners are on the ground, manning hotlines, breaking down doors, prosecuting traffickers, freeing people and making a change. However, they need our help!

If you are as shocked and devastated as we are to learn about this human rights issue, then we have compiled a list of things that you can do alongside us to help. 

The first step to make any change is to learn all about the issue at hand. The End It Movement website has all of the information and links to their Coalition Partners website so that you can first learn the facts on this human rights crisis.

Spread the awareness! Utilise your voice for those who are voiceless but are crying out for help.

By donating, you will be supporting the Coalition Partners efforts to bring awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration. 

Join the fight for freedom and volunteer your time at any of the 17 Coalition Partner charities.

Everybody deserves the same opportunities and quality of life. It is important to become aware and then raise your voice in protest for the people who can’t fight for themselves and are desperate for help.

The Apéro team xx