A new year, a new us. It’s time to say goodbye to plastic! We are super excited to announce that all of your orders will now be packed up and sent out in 100% compostable, re-usable, zero waste mailers from Hero Packaging. This year we will continue our journey in educating ourselves on more sustainable practices, and start implementing them. To start our eco-journey off in 2021, what better way than mailers that aren’t made from plastic! Our new mailers are made from plant based materials, which means they are friendly to our planet, unlike traditional plastic mailers (and they're pretty cute too). Once you receive them, you can re-use them next time you need to send something in the mail. Alternatively, you can chop them up and put them in your home compost bin, where they will break down in 3-4 months and turn into a healthy fertiliser for your garden. What a bonus! Even if your mailer ends up in landfill, it will thankfully still breakdown, unlike plastic which is not biodegradable.

Hero Packaging are an Australian sustainable brand that aims to make the transition from plastic to eco-friendly packaging smooth for Australian brands.   So far they have sold over 5 million compostable mailers, which means 5 million less plastic mailers in the world!   

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Say Goodbye to Plastic