There’s nothing like a snug knit to assist you in braving the inevitable cool winter air that waits outside. However, these cherished knit garments do require a bit of extra love and care so that you can get as much life out of them as possible. See our advice below on the best ways to wear, store, wash and care for your knit.  


The delicate fibres and weave of knitwear means that it is quite prone to pilling and snags. To help reduce the extent of wear damage to your knits, reduce friction against abrasive objects such as the hardware on belts and handbags. Also take care if you have long nails or wear lots of jewellery and minimise the contact these accessories have with your knit as these are an easy way to damage knitted fabrics. 


In order to maintain two of the best features of your knit – the shape and the colour – it is important that it is stored correctly. Firstly, avoid hanging your knitwear, at least for prolonged periods, as the weight of the fabric and gravity can cause a great amount of stretch that will ruin the perfect fit of your knit. Secondly, it is best that your knit is stored in a place that receives minimal light exposure so that the colour is retained and it is kept safe from biological factors such as moist air (like steam from hot winter showers) or pesky moths. Gently folding your knit and placing it inside a closed wardrobe or draw is the best way to store and protect it. 


Unfortunately, washing is where the most damage can occur to knitwear if done incorrectly. First thing you should know, which may seem counterintuitive, is that knitwear should not be washed after every wear. Obviously, if it is visibly dirty or smells, it should be washed, but it is actually better for knitted garments if they are washed as infrequently as possible. 
It’s also important to follow the care instruction label, but, if you’re looking for a blanket rule on the best way to wash your knits, know that hand washing is always best. Here is our tried and tested method that will get you soft, clean knits with minimal damage: 

- Turn inside out to wash
- Always wash in cold water
- Use a wool wash liquid, particularly if dealing with premium knitwear,
as the chemicals in regular laundry detergent can be too harsh
- Gently toss the knit in the soapy water
- Leave to soak for 5-10 minutes
- Hold over the water and gently squeeze to rinse, but DO NOT wring or
twist the garment as this will stretch and misshape it
- To help absorb excess water, lay your garment flatly on a clean,  dry towel and roll from top to bottom and press gently
- Dry flat, otherwise your knit can be badly stretched and misshapen due to the extra weight of the water
- Do not tumble dry as this can damage the fabric and shrink the garment  

These simple steps are what we recommend you follow to care for our True Beauty Knit Jumper in Burnt Rose and in black, but can be applied to any knit you own to make sure all of your favourite knits make it to next winter.

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