Apéro Label is a team filled with talented women who love empowering other women each and everyday. For Women's History Month (and every month) we want to highlight and showcase incredible women who make the world a positive place in different ways, across all industries. Incredible women who, through the use of their voice, creations and actions, can influence and inspire others to love and accept themselves and spread kindness and love to those who need it most. An industry that is potentially one of the most influential, which is filled to the brim of amazingly talented woman, is the music industry. We wanted to reflect on the female musicians, singers and producers that use their art to empower others. We have created a Spotify playlist called 'Women are Incredible,' which is full of anthems sung by some of the most influential women in the industry. Listen to the full playlist here. 



Thelma Plum is an incredibly talented Indigenous Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist,  who has been empowering people through her music for the past decade. After receiving hateful messages, Plum wrote ‘Better in Blak’ and 'Homecoming Queen', which has been powerful anthems for young women who grew up not seeing any diverse representation in the media.  Plum's songs are for all the girls and boys that have ever felt like they do not fit into to the media's representation of beauty standards. Thelma Plum is an inspiring woman, who through the use of her soothing voice, is teaching the next generation to love and accept themselves for who they are. Support Thelma's music here.
Thelma Plum

Lizzo is an incredible singer, rapper and classical flautist who is making waves in the music industry for her body positivity, talent and swagger. Lizzo is a self proclaimed big girl with a big heart for showing her fans that they are all beautiful regardless of their size or skin tone. Each one of Lizzo's songs are a feel good anthem, from "Juice" to "Truth Hurts." 
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Lady Gaga is a modern day icon who made her own niche art form within the music industry and is at the forefront of fighting for equality for the LGBTQ+ community. When 'Born This Way' was released, the world was a very different place to what it is now in terms of equality and gay rights. Lady Gaga put all that she had created on the line, to sing about something that matters in order to make her fans and other people around the world who felt like they didn't belong, feel that they are beautiful just the way they are. Her music and actions have helped steer the world and the next generation into an accepting place where you are free to explore and express your identity.
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Lady Gaga

Queen B has been gracing the stage and owning her throne in the music industry for more than two decades. Beyoncé's music touches on themes of self love, identity, racial equality and women's rights. Her voice and activism has helped millions of people across the world. 
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Listen to the full 'Women are Incredible' playlist below, when you need a friendly reminder that you are powerful, strong, beautiful and incredible!