Globally millions of girls and women are subjected to social injustices where their equality, peace, safety and freedom are vulnerable or threatened. Without a question we want to be part of the conversation that makes a change. This Women’s History month we’re reflecting on how incredible women are, for all that they’ve accomplished, the fights they’ve won and the rights they’ve fought to protect that have paved the way for women to follow. One woman in particular we want to take the time to highlight is Annabelle Daniel, CEO of Women’s Community Shelters. This Australian charity provides direct relief and help for women who are homeless or subject to domestic abuse.
Annabelle Daniel of Women's Community Shelters


Women’s Community Shelters
is an Australian charitable organisation that aims to provide direct relief for homeless and disadvantaged women, by establishing new shelters in communities. 56,000 Australian women are homeless every night and more than 1 in 3 are turned away from crisis shelters every day. These women need more than secure accommodation to get back on their feet, which is why Women’s Community Shelters also provide food, counselling, health care, education, housing support, transportation and legal services, to give these women the best opportunity and support to begin a new life.

Annabelle Daniel has been a dedicated leader in pioneering this change by establishing secure shelters throughout communities in NSW and helping women get back on their feet. Her work at Women’s Community Shelters has been life changing for thousands of women and deserves to be honoured. 

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You may not know this but with every purchase you make with us online, 5% is donated directly towards Women’s Community Shelters to help those in need. At Apéro, we believe in creating fashion that not only empowers women, but also gives back to women and communities in need, which is why we’re committed to our partnership with Women’s Community Shelters. There are currently not enough shelters and beds to support the amount of homeless women seeking accomodation each night, which is why the work that Women's Community Shelters does is crucial.


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