With restrictions in place to ensure our safety during this tough time, small businesses and various industries are struggling to garner sales and keep afloat. As a consumer, you have the power to spend your money wisely and support local businesses whilst also injecting money back into the Australian economy. Being a small charitable fashion brand ourselves, we understand the fears and unpredictability of the future that these local businesses are facing. To assist we have compiled a list of Australian businesses that produce exceptional quality products and services in a variety of industries that you can support in any way, great or small.


Sage and Clare is an Australian homewares and apparel business that creates high quality, colourful products that will brighten any day and room. Shop here.

australian fashion label Sage x Clare

Daisy In Dots is an Indigenous Australian artist based on the Gold Coast. Daisy freehands her intricately detailed artworks that are inspired by the culture and stories of her ancestors. Shop here. 

australian fashion label Daisy in dots


Halcyon Daze is a sustainable and ethical luxe Australian swimwear brand, designed to embody individuality, freedom and confidence. Shop here.

australian fashion label Halycon Daze


Bimby + Roy is an ethical Australian fashion brand, which specialises in comfortable and versatile intimates that can also be worn as swimwear! Shop here. 

australian fashion label Bimby and Roy