Chances are if you’ve ever ordered from Apéro, you’ve most likely had your pieces carefully packaged by our kind-hearted customer care superstar, Chloe. Countless times Chloe has single-handedly packed enormous quantities of orders, and even under the pressures of peak shopping seasons, her positive outlook has never faltered. Chloe’s optimistic nature is a breath of fresh air and brings a glow to the Apéro office that has helped us get through some of those more stressful days. Not to mention, her silly humour can have you grinning ear to ear. There’s no doubt that we are lucky to have such a generous, considerate and sweet human being!

How do you feel about Apéro’s role in helping the community?

I love it! I also love that it extends so much further than Apéro as a company. Our impact can only go so far, but as a result of someone’s purchase, they too play a role in the impact. Whether it be with one purchase or multiple, the impact that we make couldn’t be done without the contribution of others. 


Who is your biggest female role model and why?


My Mum, without a doubt - she’s the full package and she’s my biggest encourager. If I was to describe her, we would be here all day. What I admire the most is that she has managed to stay true to herself through all seasons of life, while being one of the kindest people I know.


What is one thing you have learned at your time working for Apéro?

This isn’t necessarily something that I have learned, but something that I have constantly been reminded and challenged on, and it's the importance of hard work. Before I started working at Apéro, I was under the belief that it was a huge company with a lot of workers doing little things to reach a big goal - like a puzzle with 100 pieces and each piece contributes in a small way. The truth is, it’s the reverse and our puzzle has about 10 big pieces. Our owners have really allowed space for us all to not only grow in our roles but to own what we do. If I, or anyone, wasn’t to work to the best of our abilities, then we wouldn’t be able to do what we do and make as much of an impact as we do. 
What's one thing you love about being a woman?

I love how unique and different we all are. We challenge each other, we grow & we learn. It’s a big circle really. 

What fashion style or accessory would we never find in your wardrobe?

Anything fluorescent. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t have much colour in my wardrobe. Although I love seeing other gals rock the bold prints, colours and sequins, it’s just not me. I have crossed the line and experimented a few times, but at the end of the day, it never worked for me. A staple tee and comfy jeans are all I need. 
Favourite Apéro style right now?

Our Abbey Crop Denim Pants have definitely become an all-time favourite of mine. They are one of those ‘I never knew I needed until I had’ items. They can be styled with sneakers and a tee, or with heeled boots and a sweater. Regardless, they are so stinkin’ cute. 

What is a charity organisation supporting women that you think people should know about? Why is this organisation important to you?

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is an organisation that is definitely close to my heart. In 2019 my mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and it came as such a shock (as it does for anyone). Cancer had never been something that was in our family, and it was something that we never really thought we would have to battle. We are so thankful that it was detected early, however, I am so aware that for some it hasn’t been caught early on. Breast Cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer in Australia, yet it’s something we don’t often get checked for. If it wasn’t for the donations and sacrifices that others have made towards Breast Cancer Research, our journey could have been completely different. 
Knowing what you know now, what is one word of wisdom you would tell your younger self?

I would still consider myself young, I’m only 19, so I don’t have too much that I would say just yet. I do however have a lot of people around me who have (for a few years now) constantly reminded me to not dwell and hold onto the little things. What’s in the past, is in the past. Preservation of mental health occurs through ownership of who you are, how you got there, what life has taught you and how you can use it for growth for both yourself and others. Life is short, and each day brings new opportunities and new memories, embrace all that has come before you and all that will fall into place soon.