Girl of our dreams, Gabby Brown, has certainly captured our hearts in the Apero office. From intern to fashion assistant, Gabby earned her way in the office through talent, hard work, and most importantly, kindness. Gabby’s bubbly personality makes each and every day a delight, while her desire to always lend a hand to those in need fills us with warmth - you can always depend on Gabby to support you through all the hard times and beautiful moments. The strength that Gabby exhibits in her empathy for the world, social justice and the people around her is an admirable trait - she is a strong woman and we absolutely love her! Read below to find out traits Gabby feels that women should celebrate about themselves!

How did your journey at Apéro start?

I started out as an intern whilst finishing up at uni and just worked hard and was so stoked that Apéro wanted to hire me after! Funnily, I had also interned for our director, Rachel, before she started Apéro so it was really bizarre that I reached out to her again unknowingly.

What are your favourites tasks at work you get excited to do and why?

I love to do anything where I get to be hands-on with our product. I love unpacking and organising the new samples, helping Rachel with the spec sheets and checking over new stock when it arrives to make sure it meets the design. Oh, and anything where I get to make a new table or spreadsheet.

What does Apero mean to you?

I love to think of Apéro as something that you treasure. The meaning of the French word, Apéro, is a description of that time in the evening where you enjoy drinks, delicious food and the company of those closest to you, and to me, those are times that I always cherish because of the memories I get to make with the people I love. The feeling I get when I think of these times is the same feeling I get when I think of Apéro Label. The thoughtfulness and love that goes into every part of the business from the design, communications, and even the fact that women's community shelters are directly benefited from the existence of this company make the brand feel like it has that something extra, something special about it. I treasure every piece of Apéro that ends up in my wardrobe and in my life.

Gabby Brown

Who are the women that you look up to? 

Well, number one, my mum. My grandmother. Every woman that I've worked for, especially those who are also mums. Owning or running a business is a massive achievement, but as a job, I've seen how it can take its toll and I admire any woman who fights this to create a successful, well-recognised business, particularly while trying to raise a family. 

What motivates you?

I think I've come to learn that simply being able to be happy and content with my life is my biggest motivation. When I find something that brings me joy, whether it be my relationships with people or my career in fashion, I work hard on that thing to improve it and maintain it as part of my life. 

What three things do you think women should celebrate about themselves?

  1. Our emotions. 
    Women have a unique way of feeling and processing emotions. We should never be ashamed by them, ignore them, or feel like it makes us less of a person or weak. Letting these feelings in actually makes us a more rounded human! 
  1. Our bodies.
    Every woman's is different, it's just how we're made. Every woman has felt that pressure to have to look a certain way, but why should we want to look like anyone other than ourselves, when we have a body that was designed uniquely for us. 
  1. Our achievements. 
    Celebrate everything you can achieve. Whether it's completing a degree, getting a new job, accomplishing a new skill or finally buying something you've been saving for because women have not always and unfortunately sometimes still don't have the privilege, so we should celebrate for them and work to make it achievable for all women. 

Gabby Brown

What is a charity organisation supporting women that you think people should know about? Why is this organisation important to you? 

One organization that stood out to me recently is Respect Victoria. Organised by the Victorian State Government, they run a campaign that is all about respecting women and calling out sexist language and behaviours from men (and women). This is important because it tackles the serious issue of family and domestic violence at the core which begins with not valuing women as equals. I think that too many women have to struggle, uproot themselves and even lose their lives at the hand of men and while tackling this issue at its foundation may not have short-term effects, I believe it will lead to long-term change that creates a safer world for women. 

What tv character best sums you up as a person?

I like to think of myself as a less mean Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. But, I'm probably most like an Annie from Community. Basically, I'm someone who is organized, hard-working, a bit of a perfectionist, not afraid to show their emotions but has enough self-confidence to go ahead and get what they want. 

Favourite Apéro style right now?

It would have to be a toss-up between the Summer Fields Maxi Dress or the Jayda Linen Skirt. Both really express my own style while having that beautiful Apéro touch.