Q&A: Wholesale Assistant Lauren

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If we could use three words to sum up Lauren, they would be kind, selfless and joyful. Always incredibly supportive and wise beyond her years, Lauren is the type of person you turn to for a chat when things are tough or to celebrate milestones. Outside of her role as customer care and wholesale assistant in the Apéro office, Lauren has applied herself to studying speech pathology so that she can be there to give back to those in need. It’s so apparent that regardless of who you are, Lauren will treat you with such profound kindness. This is one hard working woman that we are so honoured to have in our lives. To find out more about Lauren read our interview with her below!

What is your favourite thing about Apéro as a company?

I love the inclusivity that Apéro fosters. Whether this be in the variety of interests and personalities that our staff have, or the products having been designed to make women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful, everyone is included at Apéro.

When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?

I would definitely be at the gym or going for a run, and then maybe baking some yummy raw treats to keep me motivated while studying! Who doesn’t love chocolate?!

What do you think our biggest responsibility is as a woman? 

I think in today’s society, our biggest responsibility is to support and stand up for other women and ourselves. Whether this be in the workplace, challenging stereotypes or in our relationships, it is important to always remember our worth and strength as women. There is nothing more empowering than when women stand together like this for a united cause. We’re all in this together! 


What is a charity organisation supporting women that you think people should know about? Why is this organisation important to you? 

Dress for Success’ is a charity who seeks to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and job training to help women thrive in the workplace and in life. As a woman who has been very privileged in the education I have received, I always hold a place in my heart for the women in the world who want to gain access to the workforce or education, but have significant barriers in their way. This is why I love what ‘Dress for Success’ does, as it helps break down these barriers. 

Who is your biggest female role model and why?

I know it might sound cliché, but I will always look up to my Nanna. At age 12, she was forced to leave school to help support her mother with her 6 children and her busy dress-making business. Despite never having even finished primary school, she was the wisest, fairest and strongest person I have ever known. She was the most talented dressmaker (having taught herself how to make garments from newspaper drawings), and was most importantly, the backbone of our family. If I know what it is to be a ‘strong woman’, it is because of her. 


What's one thing you love about being a woman?
My favourite thing is definitely the relationships that we can foster as women. I think that there’s something incredibly distinctive and extraordinary about a relationship between two women - whether this is just two friends or a daughter and her mother. Women have an innate capacity to love and care for other people and it’s incredible how in-tune we become with each other. 

What is one thing you want to make more time for this year? 

Definitely some more ‘me’ time! Working and studying full time definitely demands a lot of energy from me, so I want to make more time to relax and unwind throughout the year. For me, this will be reading those books I started and never finished, spending more time with my beautiful friends and partner, and finally trying out some yoga and meditation! 

Favourite Apero style right now? 

You cannot go past the classic Apéro Beaded Tee (White/Black Bead). Dress it down with jeans and sneakers for casual wear, or pop it underneath a blazer and you’re ready for a night out. Who doesn’t love versatility?!