Did you know, that once you receive your order from us, instead of putting your cute pink post bag straight in the bin, it can actually be recycled?

It’s very exciting news, but there are a few things you may need to know before you go putting it in your normal yellow recycling bin. First things first, don’t put it in your normal yellow recycling bin. While there are so many things you can recycle in these bins, soft plastics are not one of them. Soft plastics are those items which can be scrunched into a ball in your hand, like bread bags, chip packets, ice-cream wrappers, plastic bags, and our Apéro post bags!

So, if it can’t go in your yellow recycling bin at home, where can it go? Redcycle is an organisation that recycles our soft plastics for us! Isn’t that great! And the better news, is that there is a redcycle drop off bin at most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets! How easy. 
How to redcycle
Now you may be a little overwhelmed right now with this amazing news about recycling, and how easy it can be. But we’ve got even more amazing news! Redcycle are partnered with a company called Replas, who recycle our soft plastics, and transform them into park benches, decking, signs, fencing, and more. Wouldn’t you love to know that because you made a simple decision about what to do with your waste, instead of your post bag sitting in landfill, it is being recycled and put back into the community? You should be PROUD!

So remember, next time you receive an order from us, keep your post bag, set it aside with your other soft plastics, and when you make a trip to the supermarket bring them along and drop them off in that beautiful redcycle bin. The planet will love you for it!

We appreciate your efforts! And would love to let you know that within the next 12 months we will be moving to fully biodegradable post satchels. So, get ready! But for now, be kind and REDCYCLE!
May 05, 2020 — Ingela Furustig