Iconic female artist Yayoi Kusama said it best when she declared, “polka dots are fabulous.” Being the queen of dots, we take her word for it! Like every trend, polka dots circle in and out of fashion and has been for decades. Polka dots are often associated with retro 50s style swing dresses and vintage fashion, however, in 2020 we are witnessing a modern wave of polka dots walking the streets. Knowing that polka dots will always make its way back into the limelight, they have proven to be a staple piece in any capsule collection. This spring we have designed three high quality, chic fashion pieces for our customers to flaunt anytime, anywhere! Introducing the Evie Babydoll Mini Dress, Evie Frill Midi Skirt and the Evie Embroidered Wrap Top. We have compiled a variety of outfits, ranging from casual to chic, to help with styling these polka dot pieces for various occasions. 


For our casual queens who like to prioritise comfort and practicality without compromising style, this outfit is for you! The  Evie Frill Midi Skirt can easily be dressed up or down through the use of accessories and styling. For this casual look, pair the Evie midi skirt with white sneakers and an embroidered tee for the perfect casual chic outfit.
Wine 'N' Dine In The Park Outfit


Whether you're dressing up to hit the town or dressing up for an at-home iso dinner party, Evie Babydoll Mini Dress is the perfect mini dress to make you look and feel your best! All you need is a pair of black heels, jewellery and a lipstick and you're all set!
Happy Hour Outfit

We have your next brunch date outfit sorted, featuring the  Evie Embroidered Wrap Top. We love to pair the Evie wrap top with white pants and gold jewellery for an elegant and sophisticated look. In the summertime, swap the pants for a white skirt and you'll have a fun and flirty outfit.
Brunch Date Outfit