Supporting Australian Businesses


Playing our part to help support businesses through these uncertain times.

It is no surprise our country and the world is currently facing uncertain times with the major impacts of COVID-19. While many have suffered the devastating loss of friends and family members to the virus, others are also facing the loss of jobs and businesses and the stresses involved in supporting a family through these extremely tough and unprecedented circumstances. We all need to band together and do our best to be positive, understanding, gracious and supportive of those around us during this time #weareallinthistogether.

While we all need to play our part in self-isolating and listening to each individual government's advice to help flatten the curve, there are things we can also do to help small local businesses try to keep their doors open and pay their bills, rent, and staff.

Being a small Australian business ourselves and experiencing the same fears other businesses are currently feeling, the team at Apéro felt encouraged to brainstorm some simple things the Australian population (who are currently still able to work and are in a position to do so) can do to help during these uncertain times. 


Below are some of the ideas we as a team came up with:

- While it's good to try and save on the small things like making a coffee at home (as many of us do), why not support the local cafe down the road and commit to buying your morning coffee out for the next month or two. 

- Likewise, why not add a few takeaway lunch or dinners into your weekly spend and support an independent local restaurant.

- While everyone is feeling the hit currently, try your best to purchase directly from local brands and brick & mortar stores with staff and large overheads.

- Be gracious with stores and brands who are currently going into sale periods to try pay bills - make the choice to not email them for small things like price adjustments if an item you just purchased has been discounted, instead be proud you helped them.

- Also, remember to not just look for a bargain, but try to support local brands by paying full price on your next few purchases - every cent counts at the moment.

- You can support local brands by shopping online with stockists as well! While you can purchase lots of Apéro on our website, we also have a wonderful family of boutiques/stockists that sell Apéro. Why not have a google search for your favourite product, whether that's the Charcoal Apéro Embroidered Jumper, or the Grey Marle Printed Tee, and see who else is stocking these items!

- When buying gifts for friends or family members look locally and consider buying from a mix of brands, instead of just spending with one. Now's the time to spoil not only your loved ones but also the stores/brands around you. Also, don't forget about online gift cards!

- If you have a subscription or membership to something you currently can't use, due to forced closure, etc, think about reaching out and offering to continue paying your membership in return for some freebies or a discounted rate in 2021, when things have stabilized. 

- Instead of going for a solo run or doing an at-home workout, sign up to a one-on-one PT session or subscribe to at-home classes that a lot of local gyms are now offering.

- Don’t forget the power of your words during this time. A positive word of encouragement and well wishes to your favourite brands could mean a world of difference to them.

    These are just a few simple ideas, but if we all play our part and do some of these things, it could make the biggest difference on the other side. We would love to hear from you on any other ideas you have for helping and giving back also, so we can continue to spread to word.

    Stay safe and remember to spread the love to all of those around you xx


    Image credits: collage designed by the Apéro Team features images from Nikki Cruz, Jordan Risa, and Christie Tyler