The unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 means staying home where possible and only leaving the house for the absolute necessities. Among many other things, we have sadly lost access to our gyms, pilates classes, yoga classes and running clubs! We know that exercise can be key to mental health and productivity. So, we have devised a simple, bodyweight workout to keep you fit, healthy and productive during these difficult times. Grab your favourite Apéro beaded tank or Apéro Printed Grey Marle tee, put on some bike shorts, and let's get started! You don’t have to do it alone – FaceTime a friend or download the ‘houseparty app’ and sweat it out with your bestie!


This little inverted triangle burner will get your heart rate up QUICK! Set yourself a 30-minute timer and see how far you can progress through the workout. If you finish before the 30-minutes is up, try working your way back up the triangle until the timer ends. Keep track of your progress over the passing days and see how fast you can complete the workout each time! 


100 shoulder taps
90 mountain climbers
80 alternating toe touches
70 frog squats
60 second plank
50 step ups
40 bicycles
30 squat jumps
20 push ups
10 half burpees


Happy working out! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @aperolabel so we can work out and #stayathome together x