When searching for the meaning of ‘fashion blogger’, the key definition says “A fashion blog can cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in various apparel markets (haute couture, prêt-à-porter, etc.), celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends.”

Those who grew up in a time prior to Instagram and Pinterest would remember the OG fashion bloggers, who would use WordPress to post inspirational blog posts weekly, with images of their outfit of the day or their own fashion musings. However nowadays fashion bloggers express themselves through their social media platforms, such as Instagram, using imagery rather than words.

At Apéro, we regularly check in with our favourite fashion influencers for outfit and lifestyle inspo. We have rounded up a list of our top 5 Australian Fashion Bloggers, that every fashion lover should be following.
Maxine Wylde
Maxine Wylde | @__mmaxinewylde 
We are currently seeing a significant shift in the way we dress, saying goodbye to neutral tones, while openly welcoming the comeback of vibrant, fun colours. Maxine Wylde has been ahead of the game and is absolutely nailing the trend of ‘Dopamine Dressing’. Maxine’s outfits are far from boring, dressing in bold colours and patterns, while perfectly colour blocking her outfits. We hope to one day be half as stylish as Maxine!
Margaret Zhang
Margaret Zhang | @margaretzhang
For those who don’t know Margaret, she is an Australian-born-Chinese filmmaker, photographer, consultant and writer based between New York and Shanghai. At the age of 27, Margaret is the youngest Editor in Chief at Vogue and is known for her minimal, yet eclectic style, while staying true to her roots and bridging western and Chinese culture. Margaret’s creativity shines through her content and she is by far one of the biggest trailblazers in the fashion industry.
Rozalia Russian
Rozalia Russian | @rozalia_russian
Rozalia Russian’s style could be described as elegant, sophisticated and chic. Often seen in tailored blazers and trendsetting dresses, Rozalia shows her followers how to elevate wardrobe staples and curate timeless outfits through mixing and matching. A few key tips from this fashion icon includes refreshing your wardrobe each season by donating items you no longer wear, and hanging full looks together in your wardrobe, as this minimises dressing time.
Nadia Fairfax
Nadia Fairfax | @nadiafairfax 
In 2014, Nadia Fairfax created her blog ‘Fairfax Journal’, a project to express her style and inspirations. Since then, Nadia has turned to Instagram to share her effortlessly cool style and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle. Known for a pop of colour and classic styling, we cannot get enough of Nadia’s posts!
Kiara King
Kiara King | @lioninthewild
For those who love and appreciate a perfectly planned and tasteful Instagram grid, we can guarantee you will love how perfectly colour coordinated Kiara’s Instagram is! Kiara is the queen of layering, often posting full looks featuring knitwear, tailored blazers, athleisure wear or cute summer dresses. From beauty products to fashion pieces to homewares, we are always excited to see what Kiara is posting.
These women are just a few of our favourites. Take a look at the Apéro Team's all-time fashion muses now.