As we continue to embrace winter, there is nothing we love more than staying in on a Friday night to watch a movie, snuggled up in our favourite Apéro jumper with a glass of red wine (or a hot choccie) and tasty snacks.
 Whether you’re after a family friendly movie to watch with your babes or are a sucker for rom-coms (like us), we have your outfit and snack options covered!


There is no denying that you can’t go wrong with a cult-classic like Legally Blonde. Nothing screams ‘Girls Night In’ like watching Elle Woods navigate her way through law school. We suggest watching while wearing the Apéro Mini Embroidered Jumper in Peach Rose, your favourite pyjama pants and fluffy slippers. We also recommend treating yourself to a clay face mask and a tub of Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream (you best believe we mean straight from the tub with a spoon).


Apéro Mini Embroidered Jumper - Peach Kiss


For all of the Mums out there that are after a family friendly winter movie, this one's for you! We suggest watching Ice Age while cuddled up in our matching Mum and Bub Apéro tees and a soft fluffy blanket. Pair this with a packet (or two) of Cobbs Natural Sea Salt Popcorn and hot chocolate. We can guarantee that your whole family will be satisfied.


Wilderness Printed Tee


Whether you are thirty, flirty and thriving or just in need of a good comfort movie, Suddenly 30 should always be at the top of your list. Full of light-hearted moments and romance, this feel good movie will have you equal parts laughing and crying. We recommend watching Suddenly 30 rugged up in the Apéro Electric Embroidered Jumper with a funky patterned eye mask, featuring our snack of choice for this throwback: twizzlers.
Electric Embroidered Jumper

At Apéro, we love a good heartwarming movie and The Holiday would have to be one of our all time favourites. Snuggle up in the Apéro Virtue Embroidered Jumper, with cosy pillows and a glass of red wine. Add a cheese platter with your favourite cheeses and dips and light a candle to set the mood.
Virtue Embroidered Jumper

Virtue Embroidered Jumper by Apéro Label,  Chi Candle by Posie Candles, Pillowcases by Bed Threads