At Apéro Label we recognise the importance of doing our part as a business to better our sustainable footprint and contribute positively to societal issues. As a fashion brand it is paramount that we continuously prioritise producing ethical fashion which is made sustainably for our customers. Each year we are dedicated to pinpointing areas of improvement and implementing them, giving back to the community and charities in need, empowering women and our amazing customers and reducing our waste and plastic usage. Our brand values are pivotal to every decision we make as a brand. We wanted to share these values and endeavors with you, with the promise to strive for continual improvement.


With the growing amount of single use plastic polluting the environment each year, we understand it is our responsibility as a business to reduce our contribution to this issue. When you shop with Apéro Label, rest assured that your products will be shipped in 100% compostable, reusable, zero waste mailers from Hero Packaging. This packaging is made from plant based products PLA and compostable materials, which you can reuse or cut up and add to your compost bin at home. 


In 2020 we partnered up with Future Neutral, so that our customers have the option at checkout to add carbon offset to their order. This initiative allows our customers to reduce their annual carbon footprint and contribute positively to the climate crisis. This is done through donating a small percentage of their sale to certified, vetted, carbon offset projects that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.


All of the products at Apéro Label are designed locally in Brisbane, Australia. Our preferred fabrics of choice are natural fibers such as linen, tencel and cotton. Each year we look to source sustainable, high quality fabrics for our products. In 2021, we created our 100% recycled cotton fabric selection of  tees and have increased the usage of linen and tencel products for our fashion items. Swapping to recycled cotton with our women's tees can greatly reduce water and energy consumption in sustainable fashion and apparel, as well as reduce landfill waste and space. 


At Apéro, one of our core values is supporting and empowering women. Each month we donate 5% of profits to Women’s Community Shelters who provide refuge and support to women who are homeless or victims of domestic violence. Over our years as a brand we have also donated money, clothing and time to Support The Girls, The Pyjama Foundation, Make a Wish, Breast and Prostate Cancer Association, Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation and Red Frogs. When you shop with Apéro, know that you are shopping with a charitable fashion brand and are helping people in need. 


We manufacture out of Guangzhou, China. Our factories have all undergone assessment and certification by Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) for fair trade approval. Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Their auditing method includes full site tour and assessment of factories, documentation reviews and employee/  management interviews. We understand the importance of brand transparency. When you shop with Apéro you know where your item is made and that it is made ethically. 
Apéro vows to always do better and to be honest with our customers about the processes we are making to do so. Learn more about our values and ethical practices.