March marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, a time we’re dedicating to reflecting on how incredible women are. To our mum’s who have raised us to be strong women, who juggled their careers or nurtured us everyday; to our sisters who taught us about the bonds of womanhood; to women in political power who have inspired a generation of younger women; to the female tradesperson who taught us gender norms were a societal construct; we think you’re all incredible. 

As a brand founded by an amazing woman, and as a team consisting of 90% women, we want to be part of this conversation. For too long we have been defined by the discrimination of others, expected to endure, to accept less and give more, to compromise on what should be basic  fundamental rights. We think women are incredible for waking up, for fighting for the rights of others, for paving the way to empower those that follow, and even those who are still figuring their stuff out. Over the next month, we aim to explore incredible women and introduce you to women who inspire us everyday, as well as highlight our partnership with Women’s Community Shelters and the work they’re doing to support the women in need. Join us each week on our blog as we celebrate all our strengths and weaknesses and lift each other up.
There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish - Michelle Obama