March is Women’s month and that means we’re paying even closer attention to the women that inspire us. Whether it’s a mother figure, sister, bestfriend or business woman inspiring others through her work, it’s a chance to celebrate how incredible women really are. 

As a brand that was founded by an amazing woman, and as a team that consists of 90% women, we want to be part of this conversion. So, we’ve taken to friends and colleagues to ask, “Who are the women inspiring you?” 

The following is a list of powerhouse women achieving incredible feats in their careers and education as well as standing for causes they believe in and challenging stereotypes. Their ability to achieve their vision of success whilst maintaining grace, wit, a humble nature and their unique personality has left a lasting impression on us. 


Indra Nooyi - Indra is a business woman I look up to because she takes her values in health, equality and sustainability and finds ways to make them profitable - which is no small feat. 

Michelle Obama - she made such a significant mark of her own when it would have been hard not to be eclipsed by her husband's shadow. She also kept putting her money where her mouth was when they left the White House. 

Michelle Obama



Michelle Obama - I love how humble and genuine she is. She is smart and hardworking all the while being a devoted mother. 

Alicia Keys - I love that she made a pledge to go makeup free to rid stereotypes that makeup makes a woman.


Emma Watson - I loved watching Emma grow up in the Harry Potter films and have admired how she has used her status and voice to break down gender stereotypes. Her “gender equality is your issue too” speech delivered at the U.N. was a landmark moment for women’s rights and her launch of the viral #HeForShe movement was amazing. She was also appointed a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador and completing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. I guess I’ve always admired her over-achiever kind of nature and how she does everything with such poise and passion.

Emma Watson


Hetty Johnston - She is the founder of Brave Hearts. She started Australia’s largest organisation against child sexual assault, highlighting and promoting action against pedophilia

Melina Tankard Reist - I admire her because she is an advocate for women and girls and founder of Collective Shout which is a campaign movement against the sexualisation of women and girls. Bringing awareness of Porn in our mainstream media and culture and how this is presenting distorted ideas around sexuality and women.


Kay McGrath - She is a channel 7 news presenter and I love how she uses her platform to campaign against domestic and family violence, and is a child safety advocate.


Jane Goodall - Jane is an advocate for positive change in the world, and she is a wildlife warrior. Although she has said so many powerful things, one of my favourite quotes from her is ‘you cannot go through a single day without having an impact on the world around you’… it’s a good reminder.


Zoe Foster Blake - She’s so funny, real, successful and hard working, whilst coming across really down to earth.

Zoe Foster Blake


Celeste Barber - She is not afraid to make fun of herself and have a good laugh, but when push comes to shove she also uses her platform and audience to do good and make a difference. Her quick response and action to the 2020 bushfires is the perfect example of that.


Lisa Messenger - In 2013 Lisa launched The Collective Hub, an Australian print magazine with no experience in the industry. Coined as the ‘magazine for entrepreneurs,’ Lisa set up a Sydney based team that brought together stories of ‘game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers.’ Lisa herself embodies these traits and I love her passion for life and ‘just go for it’ attitude.

Lisa Messenger

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