Women's International History Month

March marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, a very special time for the Apéro team. As a brand that was founded by an amazing woman, and as a team that consists of 90% women, this is a global campaign that we have all been eagerly anticipating in the office. Now is the time to come together and join the conversation in raising awareness of issues faced by women, create a movement for positive change, and celebrate the impact of women in our lives. 

Over the next month, we aim to explore what womanhood means to us, introduce you to each beautiful woman behind Apéro, and highlight our favourite charities and what they’re doing to support the community. Join us each week on our blog as we celebrate all our strengths and weaknesses and lift each other up.


Apero Team

5% For Women

At Apéro, our core values go beyond the wardrobe to make a stand for social justice. Each month, we donate 5% of profits from all online sales to Women’s Community Shelters. This Australian-based charity provides refuge and practical help for women who are homeless or subject to domestic abuse. Our continuous dedication to this cause and partnership with the charity has been an incredibly heartwarming experience to see the positive impact it has had on the community. For Apéro, this is about women wanting to make a difference, about lending a hand to other women and children who need assistance, and about being a voice to incite change. See below as we chat with Women's Community Shelters CEO, Anabelle Daniel, about the organisation and how we can help their cause. 


Video produced by CrewMedia.