We understand it can be a really tough gig being pregnant and preparing to be a mother, especially if it is your first time! This is a time in your life where everything can feel overwhelming. Things feel out of control as you are in a constant state of learning and adapting, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your sense of self. This is why we have our range of stylish maternity wear and breast-feeding friendly designs inspired by the runways, designed for mothers. 

We believe a woman's identity should not be lost when they become a mother. With the opportunity to be worn beyond maternity, our designs cater to women's needs throughout every stage of their life. With that said, we have some styling tips from our head designer for maternity wear to help you be the most confident and comfortable version of yourself during bump and breastfeeding. 



Buckle-up ladies, because we are about to provide you with some helpful styling advice that will have you looking like one of those “aesthetic Mum’s who have their life together.” Just kidding, that is almost never the case, but we will help you to be the most confident version of yourself while carrying. 

It is recommended that women begin wearing maternity clothes at around 12-16 weeks or near the end of the first trimester. Searching for designs that fit and flatter can be tricky, here are some top styling tips from our Head of Design, Gabby: 

1. Opt for fabrics with stretch

This might seem obvious, but the leadup to motherhood can be a rather expensive time. Opting for fabrics with stretch can ensure they can be worn inline with your ever-changing body. I personally love the Grazia Knit Midi DressExperience comfort and ease with a relaxed fit designed to gracefully drape over the body. Perfect for growing baby bumps. 

 2. Shop for all seasons

If you’re based in the sunny state of Queensland this may not be too much of a priority but for the rest of the world who actually have seasons - this is an important one to remember. Nine months will get you across three seasons so make sure you’re picking up your knitwear just as much as your flowy dresses


Picture this, you’ve just had your baby, your body is going to go back to pre-pregnancy straight away and you’re feeling like your old self again, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, the party doesn’t stop once your little one has been welcomed into the world. On average, a woman’s body will almost be back to “normal” around six months postpartum. At this stage, some of you may be breastfeeding. Our wide range of Breast-Feeding Friendly tees are here to help you in this period of motherhood.

Our designs are timeless and functional, designed to help you in your breastfeeding journey! To make the transition a little easier, here are some tips for building your wardrobe and building confidence. 

1. Invest in quality

Not only is this a season of pure joy and unconditional love, it is also a season of an overwhelming amount of laundry. Breastfeeding, burping, and just having a newborn in general will be a messy time. By investing in high quality fabrics you can ensure the designs will not thin out with wear and will continue to add confidence to your day-to-day. I personally love having a range of Feeding Friendly Tees in my wardrobe to rotate through, perfect for the days where you just want to throw something on and look stylish while doing so. 

2. Opt for steam-free designs 

No one has less time in the mornings than a mother of a newborn. Our Amalfi Babydoll Midi Dress, available in both white and black, is the perfect solution to this. Designed in a 100% crinkle cotton fabric with Feeding Friendly zippers at the underbust seams, the textured fabric doesn’t require a steam or iron before wear making it the perfect dress for the on-the-go mornings! 



Remember, motherhood is not about losing your identity; it's about discovering new layers of strength and beauty within yourself. So, whether you're flaunting your baby bump or embracing the breastfeeding stage, our designs are here to support you every step of the way. Here's to the amazing journey of motherhood and the remarkable women who embark upon it!