Apéro is an Australian label synonymous with elevated and aspirational maternity fashion. Established in 2017 as a fashion label, our founder and designer, Rachel Mellers-Smith, initially aimed to empower and instill confidence in women through expressive dressing. However, as Rachel embarked on her own journey to motherhood, Apéro evolved.

Witnessing her friends’ struggles to find elegant yet feeding-friendly clothes, Rachel identified a gap in the market. This led to the introduction of maternity and feeding-friendly styles, shaping Apéro into what it is today -

a label that helps women feel confident and stylish through every stage of motherhood.

Inspired by the runway, designed for mothers.
behind the brand

Our Story

Our founder Rachel shares where we've come from and where we're going with you.



At Apéro, we craft clothing that accompanies women throughout all stages of motherhood, ensuring that they feel confident in their ever-changing bodies and embrace their new season as mothers.

Our designs blend style with functionality, focusing on effortless and practical apparel for pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.

Our timeless designs prioritize high quality, ensuring that each piece endures through the varying seasons of motherhood and extends into life beyond pregnancy and nursing. With Apéro, you’re not just investing in clothes for a fleeting phase; you’re building a wardrobe that remains relevant and stylish for years to come.

Using meticulously chosen fabrics and silhouettes, our maternity clothing lineup ensures easy maintenance and wearability. We acknowledge the importance of sustainability and actively incorporate natural and recycled fibers in our creations.

We empower mothers to transform wardrobe staples, such as a simple t-shirt, into an aspirational outfit that turns heads. Our collections are a testament to the belief that functional dressing doesn’t require compromising on style.

In essence, Apéro endeavors to merge runway inspiration with maternity, creating attire that’s both functional and fashionable, allowing every woman to feel magnificent throughout all stages of motherhood.

“I remember wanting to be a fashion designer when I was a little girl and still have a lot of my old design journals from my childhood. It’s nice to stop and remind myself during the not so glamorous days of fashion life, that I am living out my childhood dream.”

- Rachel


To create classic timeless fashion styles that aren't trend focused and can be styled from day to night.

Charitable fashion designed with a purpose; to go beyond the wardrobe by standing for social justice through giving back to the community.

The Apéro style is designed with a purpose: to empower women, cultivate confidence and make women feel effortlessly stylish in the everyday moments.