Becoming a mum can be scary and what’s worse is feeling like you’re underprepared. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you need it, which is why we have put together a list of our top essentials for newborns and new mums. 
Mum essential items, including feeding friendly clothes, baby pillows, nipple cream, baby books and more
1. Feeding Friendly Clothes 
Not to toot our own horn but when it comes to maternity wear, Apéro knows a thing or too. We believe feeding-friendly clothing shouldn't have to be boring and basic which is why we love our range of dresses and tops! The seamless zippers at bias seams make the designs easily accessible for feeding. All created in chic, timeless designs so they will last in your wardrobe way beyond breastfeeding. Shop the collection here

2. Feeding and Support Pillow 
Get the ultimate support in your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey by investing in a feeding pillow by Snuggle Me Organic! Not only does it help with sleeping during your pregnancy, it's also perfect for aiding nursing, bottle feeding, and sitting up support once your baby is born. 

3. Soothing Balm
For when you need instant relief, this cream by Nessa Organics is the essential you need to bring back the hydration. Rich in cocoa, coconut and mango butters and blended with tropical fruit oils to rejuvenate dry, cracked nipples and skin. This multi-purpose balm works great for breast pump lubricant, nappy rashes, and for healing your (and your babies) dry lips and skin.

4. Firming Lotion 
There is not a single mother I know who does not swear by the Bangn Body creams, especially during their pregnancy. The cream boosts hydration, smooths skin, relieves tightness, and prevents and reduces stretch marks. For the best value, why not get the Mummy Bump Bundle? The pack includes a Firming Location, Smooth Skin Scrub, and a cute scrunchie for a little something extra. 

5. Baby Book 
Time can go by so fast as a new mum so you’ll want to keep track of all the special moments. Use this gorgeous gender-neutral baby book by Write To Me to record the most memorable of moments. Bonus: the packaging doubles as a cute keepsake box. 

6. Sunglasses 

Your sleep deprivation saviour! These ones from Ochre Lane are our go-to. The oversized square frames are not only great for hiding those under-eye bags, they’re also the perfect option for elevating your outfit.