At Apéro, we believe in creating fashion that not only empowers women, but also gives back to women and communities in need. One of our core brand values is charitable fashion, designed with a purpose, to go beyond the wardrobe by standing for social justice. There is currently not enough shelters and beds to support the amount of homeless women seeking accomodation each night, which is why Women's Community Shelters are crucial to helping these women in need.


Women’s Community Shelters is an Australian charitable organisation that aims to provide direct relief for homeless and disadvantaged women, by establishing new shelters in communities. 56,000 Australian women are homeless every night and more than 1 in 3 are turned away from crisis shelters every day. These women need more than secure accommodation to get back on their feet, which is why Women’s Community Shelters also helps provide counselling, health care, education and legal services, to give these women the best opportunity and support to begin a new life.


Apéro commits to donating 5% of our online sales to Women’s Community Shelters, so when you shop with Apéro, know that you are purchasing from a charitable fashion brand that cares about social justice. If you are in a position to donate money, food or essential items, you can find all of the information to do so on the Women’s Community Shelters website. You can also find information on how to organise fundraising events and how you can apply to volunteer your time at the shelters directly, as all help is greatly appreciated!

Apéro will continue to work with this incredible charity and we thank you for your support with our brand, which in turn helps fellow women in need.

The Apéro team
How Apéro Gives Back