Meet the brilliant mind, founder, and designer behind Apéro, Rachel Mellers. The team recently sat down in Palm Springs to chat with her about what Apéro means and where it all began. From the humble beginnings of her living room floor to a small Brisbane based team, Apéro endeavoured to embody the aperitif culture, mood, and way of life, through fashion. Inspired by the French tradition and word 'Apertif' the Apéro lifestyle cultivates a sense of sociability, conversation, and relaxation. Beyond this Apéro's also stands for women and giving back through our monthly donation to Women's Community Shelters. For every online purchase made 5% is donated to this beautiful charity fighting to give back to the community.  From Apéro printed tees, detailed beaded tees and stunning fashion co-ords, our styles are designed to feel inclusive, socially responsible, and something you can enjoy with your favourite friends over sunset drinks. 

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Featuring | Rachel Mellers
Film | Jacky Kao & Laz Smith
Makeup | Bridget Manning