The foundation piece of any Apéro wardrobe, our beaded and embroidered femme tees, oversized tees and printed logo tees create the perfect base for any outfit.

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At Apero, there is a stunning range of women’s tees designed with comfort and can be a staple piece in any wardrobe. We see the collection as the foundation piece of the Apero wardrobe range. From embroidered femme tees to oversized tees, our items will create the perfect base for any outfit. 


We have a collection of womens tees that are lightweight and chic, able to trend with any outfit. We stock a range of neutral tones perfectly paired with a corporate look but also stock stripes and prints allowing for a more casual look.


From forest green to sky blue, or neutral tones are fabulous for showcasing a more chic style whereas our stripes and embroidered tees look to flaunt a more bold and bright look. Whether it be pastel or print, Apero has all womens tees covered.


All our Apero range is made from our super-soft cotton fabric with stretchy fibers to ensure a chic look that is fabulous and comfortable.  

The womens tees at Apero are essential for all year-round styling and are just a must for any wardrobe! Contact our team online today for all questions related to womens tees!