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Introducing Mum Chats, a safe place where we sit down and have real and honest chats with other mums about all things motherhood, work, life and the delicate balance of it all. We wanted to create a space for mums to listen to other women's stories and personal experiences of Motherhood, to feel encouraged, understood and supported and gain new insights and practical tips from others on the journey who have gone before. It is true when they say that nothing can prepare you for becoming a mother, you are truly thrown into the deep end and learn on the job. Mothers are real life superheroes! Across our series of 'Mum Chats' we will cover women's individual experiences with everything from pregnancy, loss, birth, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, the work life juggle, postpartum depression, self-care, relationships, practical tips and tricks, and plenty more to fill your cup and relate to.Come along with us on this journey and be part of our Mum Chat community. Let us know any questions or insights you would love to hear from other mums along the way.

Episode 1: Kendall Gilding

For our first episode, we are beyond excited to welcome Kendall Gilding as our very first guests. Kendall is a mum to Olive (age 4) and Moses (age 1) as well as a media personality who is now embarking on her next chapter after concluding her decade-long career as a journalist and television reporter for Channel 7. In this episode, Kendall brings to us her honest and candid thoughts and experiences on motherhood, touching on the difficulties that come with becoming a mother, experiences of underlying guilt and overcoming some of her greatest challenges all whilst navigating her career in media.

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Q&A with Kendall Gilding

Here is a quick sample of the questions we went through with Kendall - for full answers and more questions please watch the video above

Q: What was your biggest challenge when you first became a mum?

A: The one challenge I really found becoming a mum was that the lack of sleep really wrecked me. It made me realise that sleep is a key pillar of my health and happiness, and instead of getting it at night, I've had to take plenty of day sleeps, but sleep has just become such a critical factor and also just made me super aware that I need a lot of it- more than the average person.

Q: If you could recommend ONE product for a new mum, what would it be?

A: I reckon when we had our first baby, the thing that changed my life was getting a Dyson vacuum cleaner, which sounds stupid, but you're just spending a lot of time at home.

Q: Where do you go for your style inspo?

A: I probably get most of my style inspiration off Instagram. Anytime I open my feed, the main things that I scroll past are all fashion brands because I'm clearly just interested in fashion and that's what I'm following.

Q: What’s your current shopping/browsing obsession?

A: I'm trying to break this habit, but my greatest current obsession is women's suiting. All of my girlfriends would not own a single suit, and I probably have 15, but that really structured suiting vibe still just sticks with me.

Q: Did your style change when you became pregnant and then during breastfeeding/post-partum?

A: You'll never forget that season in your life when you're breastfeeding and you open your wardrobe and most of it can't be worn because it's dresses that do up at the back - there's no way of being able to feed in them. It actually writes off 90% of your wardrobe, and I gravitated towards high waisted pieces and just trying to do my best with tops that I would be able to get out of to feed as modestly as possible.

Q: If you could give ONE piece of advice to a new mum, what is it?

A: The biggest advice that I would give to women is to look after your health. There's amazing women's blends of things that you can drink and take, and you cannot put enough nutrients back into your body when you're growing a human and when you're breastfeeding.

Refilling your Cup

Being a mum is amazing, but it can also be super draining. Juggling all the demands and responsibilities can leave you feeling low on energy and emotionally depleted. It's crucial to take a breather and recharge your batteries. Find some "me time" – whether it's a quick moment for yourself or leaning on friends and family for support. A cup needs to be filled to overflow, by prioritising your well-being you can give your best to your family.

Balancing Careers

Balancing work and mum life can often feel like a juggling act. The career goals are there, but so are the little ones needing your attention. It's a constant game of push and pull. Striking a balance is tough. It might mean you need to negotiate a flexible work schedule, enlist some backup from family or friends, or it might just mean finding those golden moments when you can kick butt at work and still be the superhero mum. Remember, it's okay to cut yourself some slack when you can't do it all.

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