The New Year is upon us and it’s a great time to organise your wardobe and start the year fresh. We’ve compiled a list of 10 easy ways to clean up and clear out your wardrobe to leave you with a timeless range that is super easy to style and keep organised.

Tip #1: Remind yourself of a few simple questions 

Does it fit? Will I wear this again? Do I feel good in this? Is it versatile? 

If you answer any of these questions with uncertainty, the piece needs to go! Keep reminding yourself of these concepts throughout the whole clean-out to keep your work focused and on-track. 

Tip #2: Try the coat hanger trick

Turn all of your coat hangers around to face away from you, then after wearing the item turn the coat hanger around the other way. After a month or so, have a look at which coat hangers are still backwards and donate those pieces! 

Tip #3: Fold like Marie Kondo

Even if you don’t follow her whole philosophy, utilising the Marie Kondo fold allows you to see everything in the drawer at once. Seeing all of your clothing will assist with varying your outfits, rather than wearing the same pieces on rotation (you might even rediscover a few of your old faves in the process!). 

Tip #4: Put seasonal pieces in storage

You’re probably sick of staring at all your jumpers and jeans. So, pop them away in storage to refresh your wardrobe in seconds and give those spring/summer pieces some air time. We suggest using vacuum seal bags or garment bags to ensure clothing longevity.

Tip #5: Organise your wardrobe into colours

Organising your wardrobe into colours will assist you to gravitate away from the dark winter colours and towards the fun, bright tones for summer. It will also allow you to plan tonal outfits and mix and match pieces with ease.

Tip #6: TRY. IT. ON! 

Seems simple and fairly obvious but if you’re unsure about a piece or haven’t worn it in a while, put it on and visualise yourself styling the piece 3 different ways. Also, look on Pinterest for inspiration of new ways you can reinvent old season clothes to feel new. If you can’t or don’t like how it looks...donate it! 

Tip #7: Don’t feel bad about retiring some pieces from your wardrobe - sell them! 

Tryout selling your preloved clothes on apps like Depop or Facebook marketplace to make yourself some money back on pieces you’re no longer loving. At the end of the day, making $5 and having a piece go to a loving new home is better than adding it to landfill.

Tip #8: Don’t forget about accessories! 

It’s super easy to cull your clothes and forget to look through your accessories - jewellery, handbags, shoes! Ask yourself the same questions from tip #1 to refresh and make these pieces wearable for summer. 

Tip #9: Give everything a purposeful home

Rather than leaving items in random places, ensure everything has a permanent home. If that means putting clothing items into storage, or donating a pair of shoes so they all fit on the shoe rack, then do it! This will ensure everything stays ordered, organised and is always in sight. 

Tip #10: Fill the gaps!

Now that all of the old, unworn clothes have disappeared, assess what you now need in your wardrobe. Write a list and use it as a guide, keeping in mind the versatility of pieces and how you can incorporate them in with your current pieces. Shop Apéro’s new summer collection for timeless styles and outfit inspiration.

Now pump the tunes and get cleaning. Keep these tips in mind to help discover your summer style and uncover a few new ways to style your wardrobe pieces during the warmer weather.