When it comes to the oversized trend, it's hard to pinpoint the key influence of where this comfort-oriented trend originated from. Perhaps it was the skater girls and boys casual aesthetic that influenced the streetwear and ready-to-wear fashion of today. Maybe it was the continuous and steady rise in androgynous styles that shaped the oversized trend. Or perhaps we have isolation to thank, with comfortable fashion seeing a boost now more than ever with fashion consumers. Regardless of its conception, oversized pieces looks like they're here to stay and grace the masses wardrobe for the foreseeable future. An oversized item that we all own and love for its versatility and comfort, is the oversized tee. If you are unsure on how to style your oversized tee, we have a few handy styling tips that will be helpful for you!  First, you will need an oversized tee, for which we have multiple beaded, embroidered and printed tees to choose from. We also offer a selection of femme tees and boyfriend cut tees that go up to size 3XL, so that you can choose to size up for the oversized fit. Shop our signature Apéro logo tees here.


Apéro Logo Tees


In order to balance the oversized silhouette of your tee and to accentuate your waist, we suggest tucking in your tee either fully or using the popular 'French tuck' technique. When styling remember the golden rule; pair oversized styles with fitted styles for a balanced outfit. Of course, a straight leg, high-waisted trouser can pair will with an oversized tee if styled right (ie tucked in). 




How to style your tee


It won't be long until it's time to dust off your Winter wardrobe, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's time for your fav oversized tee to gather dust in its place! To get the most out of your Apéro logo tee in the cooler seasons, we love to layer using a long sleeve top underneath. Keep it monochrome or have fun using contrasting colours and patterns to elevate your look!

Layer with long sleeve tops



Similar to layering your tee with a long sleeve top underneath, another way we like to style our tees is with a dress or a pair of overalls over the top. 

Layer overalls over the top



For all of our incredible mums and mums-to-be, we always design with your best interest at heart and even offer matching Little Apéro tees for you to match with your little one. Some of our gorgeous pregnant customers love sizing their tees up so that there is plenty of room for their bump and others love showing of their bump and tying the tee in a knot at the front. Whatever way makes you feel comfortable, we have the right tee for you!

Bump Friendly Tees