Come and take a step inside the Mykonos Collection. 

Inspired by the Greek Islands, this collection features serene blues, crisp whites and delicate frills that echo the picturesque landscape and architecture of the mediterranean. 

Take a peek behind the curtain, and hear from Apéro Founder and Head Designer, Rachel Smith discuss how this collection came to be. 

Q1: So Rachel, what ignited the spark behind the Mykonos Collection?

Rachel: Around this time of year I always feel a change in season and start looking forward to Spring/Summer, so our collections usually reflect that. This season our colour palette includes crisp whites and powder blues reflecting the change in season. Plus with so many of my friends all traveling to the Greek islands, it felt fitting to name the collection Mykonos and bring some of the Euro Summer vibes here.

Q2: It sounds like you've woven a beautiful story into the collection. How do you envision mothers embracing these pieces?

Rachel: Absolutely! This collection is full of versatile and adaptable pieces that mothers can dress up or down, as the occasion calls for it. We have our staple feeding-friendly tees for the everyday cool mum uniform and then more elevated pieces like the Mykonos Midi Dress and Petra Babydoll Dress, which adds a touch of elegance for brunches with friends or those rare dinner dates out.

Q3: Choosing favorites is never easy, but do you have a standout piece in the collection?

Rachel: You're right, it's like picking a favorite song! For me the Petra Babydoll would take the spotlight. It encapsulates everything the Mykonos Collection represents – carefree elegance that seamlessly transitions from day to night. The second runner up is the classic Ellis top, because of its versatility and timelessness. I know I will be living in this one on a daily basis. 

Q4: Let's talk about practicality. How does the Mykonos Collection blend with a mother's existing wardrobe?

Rachel: The Mykonos Collection is designed to effortlessly complement your current wardrobe and this colour palette pairs back beautifully with all of your denim, which is an everyday mum staple. We all know how good it feels to wear your favorite pair of jeans and add freshness and versatility with a fun new top or tee. The second half of the collection is made up of dresses that are easy to throw on and not have to think too much about styling. Perfect for those days you want to feel more stylish and elevated.

Q5: As a mother yourself, how does the functionality of these pieces enhance your daily life?

Rachel: Being a new mother, I'm well aware of the lack of time you have and even capacity to think of what to wear each day - comfort and functionality are essentials, but you also want to feel stylish and like yourself. The hidden zippers in styles like the Splice and Riviera tees are a game-changer for discreet breastfeeding on the go, without feeling like you are wearing daggy maternity wear. Also for women expecting, the Ivy Wrap Top and Ellis Button Front Knit Top adapt beautifully to your changing body. Finding the right kind of clothing to compliment your changing body during these stages of life, can be super empowering and help you embrace this new sense of self.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Mykonos Magic

If you're a mother who treasures comfort while embracing timeless elegance, the Mykonos Collection is your gateway. These pieces pair beautifully with our Mére collection, becoming partners in every facet of your life – be it tackling the day's tasks, bonding with friends, or cherishing moments with your little ones.

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