As it is Women in History month, the team at Apéro is reflecting on not only the amazing achievements of women but also the hardships that some women are facing. We like to support and celebrate women all year round and highlight important Australian charities that are working towards equality and support for these women in need.  


Introducing a charity near and dear to our hearts; Share The Dignity. This is an amazing Australian charity that are doing incredible things for women and girls in crisis. Share The Dignity provides sanitary products to women experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and period poverty. Statistics from the Council to Homeless Persons from 2016 shows that homelessness in Australia has increased 13.7% in 5 years, 9.7% of which are women - with numbers expected to grow more severe in 2020. With approximately 50,000 Australian women experiencing homelessness and 330,000 single women over the age of 45 who are living in a state of economic distress, Share The Dignity is campaigning for justice for women in Australia. Domestic and family violence is reported to be the main reason women become homeless. When in this dire situation, women often need to choose between food and sanitary products as they cannot afford both necessities.


Each year, Share The Dignity collects thousands of sanitary products and distributes them to women in need across Australia.  Every March and August, Share The Dignity asks the public to get involved by donating tampons, pads, menstrual cups and period underwear to the #dignitydrive ran across the country.  Share The Dignity has also created ‘It’s in the Bag’ which provides a bag of sanitary and hygiene products to women at Christmas time. In 2019, a whopping 134,010 bags were donated by the public and distributed across Australia. Share The Dignity  also organises fundraising events that the public can get involved in, such as the ‘Dignitea’ and ‘Yoga4 Dignity’.


You can help this amazing charity by donating directly to Share The Dignity, booking a spot at one of the fundraising events, volunteering your time, or purchasing a bag from the ‘Handbags with Heart’ where all profits are donated to the cause.  A $15 donation will provide a month supply of sanitary products to one woman in need. $50 could provide ongoing dignity with a menstrual cup and $100 could provide a month of sanitary products to six Australian women! The Apéro fam loves Share The Dignity and supporting the community and women in need. When women support women we can change the world. Support in any way you can, every cent is appreciated!


The Apéro team xx