Founder chats: Rach x sophie

Apéro x Alf


Apéro x Alf Collab: Joining Forces to Redefine Modern Motherhood

We are so excited to share this collaboration with you. Joining forces with Australian parenting brand, Alf the Label, we have created a beautiful, limited edition panel tee alongside Alf's timeless collab tote bag. Our founder, Rachel, and Sohie Doyle, founder of Alf, tell their stories and how they have come together with the shared vision to help redefine what modern motherhood looks like.

To get your hands on your very own collab tee, shop below or click here, and to purchase the collab tote bag, head to the Alf website.

Below is a quick snippet of answers from Sophie and Rach. For the full interview, please enjoy the video below or visit our YouTube page.

Please note, some answers have been edited for readability.

Q: What does this collab mean to both brands?

Sophie: This is our first product collaboration for both Apéro and Alf the Label, our brands align beautifully and there's so many synergies in what we do. We found that we just agreed on everything because of our overlapping, similar passions and desires. We both wanted to create the same thing and empower women and create pieces that are functional and stylish.

Q: What's involved in the collab?

Sophie: The collaboration tote is such a timeless style for us. It's based on a really popular style that we've previously run which we have updated alongside adding the collaboration branding. It is all canvas exterior with vegan leather trims and on the inside there are pockets to organise all of your baby things. We have designed it so that you can attach it to your pram or use it as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

Rachel: The T-shirt is based off our bestselling panel tee design. It's a classic boyfriend cut with a simple silhouette and under-bust zip. There's a hidden two-way zipper so you can access both breasts for discreet breastfeeding access. The back has a gorgeous abstract heart on it, which is actually an artwork that our art director created. It's an abstract drawing of a mother holding a child which is such a beautiful and meaningful deisgn to both our brands.

Alf Laura Tote Bag

Shop the limited edition Laura Tote Bag by Alf. Crafted in black canvas with a collaborative Alf x Apéro logo, the exterior features an open design with a smooth vegan leather top carry handle and fold-over magnetised closure.

Q: Rach, How did you pivot Apéro Label into maternity wear?

Rachel: I have a 14 month old named Alaska and when I had her it was obviously a shock to the system. I found that as a designer and somebody who's very interested in fashion, I was pretty surprised at how little I felt I could wear. Naturally that led us to pivot towards being functional and feeding friendly with a lot of our designs. I found a lot of my wardrobe I couldn't wear and that's obviously frustrating for a first time mother. It's hard when dealing with your post pregnancy body and all these new things. Not being able to feel like you can actually wear anything or feel stylish is a bit of a challenge. We decided to take a new direction and it's been great ever since.

Q: Sophie, How did Alf the Label start?

Sophie: It's such a similar journey. I designed the first baby bag for Alf when I was pregnant and now we have been in the market for over seven years and my children are much older. This led to products evolving over the past seven years. We have designed baby bags that are perfect for the newborn mum and later started designing for pieces that were great for the toddler mum, and then, for mums of two children, and a work bag. It's been such a nice organic journey of the brand sort of evolving over time with my own parenting journey, which is why our audiences, and our customer base really love to be able to shop from us. They can see that we've been there and been in their shoes and we've actually designed products for them.

Q: How does each product stay stylish while functional?

Rachel: When we have photo shoots, models will be shocked about the zippers as they don't notice it at first. It's nice to see women surprised when wearing our products and not realise there is a zipper. I love wearing them and will keep wearing them because they're discreet and comfortable and stylish. We want our products to be sustainable and last for years and allow people to wear it beyond motherhood. It is a big plus for us that there is a timeless and sustainable element in the products we create.

Sophie: It's nice when you can invest in a piece of clothing or an accessory for a particular period of your life as we know how things can add up and get expensive as a parent. Alf bags are made for longevity so women can use them even when their children are fully grown or even with their second or third baby.

With love, Rach x Soph