Pop queen and fashion icon Madonna first famously sang “we are living in a material world,” in 1984.  Whilst ‘Material Girl’ will remain a banger for eternity, seven years later the internet was launched and it’s safe to say we are now living in a digital world. The internet sure is a pretty nifty tool that has helped advance many industries for the better. We can stay connected with loved ones overseas and share a funny meme. Start an online business, or learn a new skill, the possibilities are endless! However, with mobile and internet usage increasing, the web and social media can become draining on our mental health, leaving us mentally fatigued. Our team at Apéro knows the feeling well, which is why we have compiled a list of ways to help you disconnect from social media and recharge!


One of the best ways to disconnect from the digital world is to take a walk in the real world! This time leave your phone at home and just enjoy the fresh air and your surroundings. Bring a friend along with you, catch-ups are always better in person! For the perfect sneaker for your walk, we adore Veja for their sustainability and classic designs. 


Instead of scrolling your feed for hours, try substituting that time with picking up a book you’ve always wanted to read and get lost in the pages where your imagination can play. Not sure what to read? This is why you have us! We already have a blog of our fav reads that we recommend which you can check out here. Snuggle up in one of our new jumpers, whilst you relax and read!


Like the outdoors but don’t particularly feel like exercising? A picnic is one of the best ways to relax and be outdoors! Who doesn’t love good food, company, views and good vibes? We love picnics so much that we also have a blog on how to set up the perfect aperitif moment, from the food and drinks, to the atmosphere. Need the perfect picnic brunch outfit? We’ve got you covered! Shop our new releases here.


Procrastination and phones go together like peanut butter and jam. If you’re a creative person, you might not be spending as much time creating the things that you’d like to do due to your phone stealing your attention. Pop your phone in another room, pick up your pencil, or your guitar, or your dance shoes, whatever gets your creative juices flowing and run wild! If you don’t feel like you’re a creative person, you could always learn a new skill and remember that art/ music etc is subjective and has no limits! For some other creative ideas check out our boredom buster blog here with heaps of fun inspiration & ideas.


This one has probably been overdone, but that’s because it works! Yoga is one of the best ways to calm ourselves and recharge our mind, body and soul. Choose a day in your calendar and make that day all about checking in on yourself and re-energising. It doesn’t have to be yoga, it could be meditation, a massage, float therapy (couldn't recommend more) or even just a nap! Prioritising self-care is one of the first steps to taking care of and loving yourself. The team at Apero can not get enough of Aesop’s essential oils, perfect for popping in your diffuser to aid relaxation and sleep!


There’s nothing quite like lighting a delicious candle, drawing a bath and relaxing with a wine after a long week. Benefits of an Epsom salt bath can include stress relief, reduction of inflammation and muscle pain, restoring magnesium levels and strengthening the skin barrier. We recommend The Salt Box for pure bath salt products that leave your skin feeling smooth.