What could be more amazing than a mother? Well, we can’t think of much! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect chance to spoil her and shower her with love and appreciation. We want every mum out there to feel special this Mother’s Day, so we have put together a list of some local brands who are selling some of our favourite pieces. It’s a wonderful opportunity to support local brands during current times and find something unique and beautiful for your mum.


If your mum loves handmade ceramics in beautiful soft pops of colour, she will love a gift from Takeawei. Located on the surf coast of Victoria and run by a small team, they are definitely our go-to for household ceramic items. Their pieces come in an array of pretty colours and patterns, so you will be sure to find the right colour/s for your mum. Also, their selection of mugs, vases and plant pots would make a special addition to any home. For something a little smaller they have the sweetest little incense holders and oil burners.
Seed and Sprout
If your mum is a warrior for the planet, she would absolutely love a gift from Seed & Sprout. They have such a wonderful selection of environmentally friendly gifts, all reusable and plastic free! They have a wonderful gift section on their website and some cute product bundles. Also, when you make a purchase at Seed & Sprout, you will also receive a small packet of seeds to grow in your garden and when you plant one, Seed & Sprout plant one too to help reverse the damage of
Vice and Velvet
Based in Melbourne, Vice & Velvet offer handmade soap, bath and body products. This small brand is owned and fully run by one woman, what a legend! Made from all-natural ingredients, you can be sure you are buying your mum something that will be kind to her skin and infused with unique oils and butters, she will love the amazing scents too. Head over to their gift section to find a special Mother’s Day bundle.
Posie Candles
Candles are always a classic gift to get your mum, but Posie Candles are no ordinary candles. They are made using 100% soy wax, are produced in Australia, and as a brand are committed to operating in a fair, cruelty-free and environmentally sound manner. Not to mention the amazing scents of cedarwood, amber and patchouli you will find with their beautifully scented range. If your mum loves a bit of D.I.Y, Posie also offers candle making kits.
I love Linen
Linen in the bedroom, linen in the bathroom, linen in the kitchen and linen on your body. Linen is the best, plus it’s also one of the more sustainable fabrics out there. So why not treat your mum to a beautiful linen addition to her household. We can’t go past the wonderfully coloured I love Linen bed sets, but if you can’t decide on something, they have a special Mother’s Day section on their website with curated gift options just for your mum.
Sienna Nail Polish
Stop buying those nasty chemical filled nail polishes from the chemist, and check out Sienna. Based in Byron Bay, Sienna is an Australian Made, vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free nail polish brand. You will find a great range of colours and nail care products that your mum can enjoy. If you just need something small a good quality nail polish is always a great little finisher to any present.
The Beach People
If your mum loves the beach, she is sure to love everything The Beach People have to offer. They have a range of products perfect to bring along to the beach, as well as a lovely selection of home items that emulate the feeling of being by the seaside. Treat your mum to a new beach towel, a beautiful macramé bag or a 100% upcycled denim bathrobe.
Apero Label
Finally, it’s us! Apéro tees are designed for women of all ages, both young and old, so we think it could be a nice addition to your mums’ wardrobe too! Nothing beats comfort and a little bit of fashion all in one tee. Heading into the cooler months, we also recommend one of our cosy everyday Apero printed tees, embroidered jumpers or knit jumper, and don’t forget our Apero tote bags & hair scarves for a small little present finisher. Check out our Mother's Day Edit HERE for some more gift options! 
Apéro Label xx