Undoubtedly this year has been incredibly unpredictable, from working at home, to toilet paper flying off the shelf, we have all faced our own unique challenges, including being isolated from our closet friends and family. Despite our frustrations, 2020 has decided it won't reign in the madness in for anyone, not even our favourite time of the year, Christmas! If you're in a position where restrictions prevent you from getting together with the ones you love this holiday season, we've come up with a few sweet ideas to make the festive season a little more positive. There are still plenty of small ways to be with the ones you love, no matter how far apart you may be. See below for a few ideas we came up with!


If you can’t physically be with friends and family, you can still virtually be with them. Why not Zoom, Facetime or Skype? Whatever way you can, jump on a video call with them! While you can obviously just sit down and chat, videocalling is also perfect for propping up your device and partaking in an activity together. Our favourites include hanging out in the kitchen baking festive treats together, playing charades, and treating yourselves to some holiday drinks together. Pretend like there isn’t a device facilitating your hang out, and just have some fun with it!


What is more special than receiving a handmade gift! This year, get creative, and make something special for those you can’t be with. We all know love is the main ingredient to a handmade gift, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. The fact that you sat down and spent your time making something for the person you love, well that makes it a special gift to receive. Try making a collage of your favourite photos together with those you love. This way you can enjoy thinking back on all the memories while you make it, and then when they receive it, they can enjoy doing the exact same.


Even if you won’t be having anyone over, hang up the tinsel and the fairy lights, and turn your space into a festive wonderland. It may seem pointless if no one is going to see it, but hey, you will see it! And it’s nice to make your space feel special just for yourself. A festive, fun atmosphere will go a long way in keeping your spirits high over Christmas, especially if you can’t physically see your friends and family.


You may not be able to be close to your friends and family, but you can still show them you care! It’s been a strange year, and after everything that has happened, we all deserve to pamper ourselves and show a bit of self-care. So why not put together a little care package for someone you love, and send it to them, so that they can do just that. Add some bath bombs, essential oils, face masks, body lotion, chocolates, maybe some home baked treats, a nice book. Anything that will put a smile on their face and let them know you’re thinking of them.


Now here’s an option for those willing to go the extra mile. If you can’t physically be with your loved ones, why not make a life-sized cardboard cut-out of them all, and then it will be almost like the real thing! Well, obviously it won’t be quite like the real thing, but it will be fun and definitely hilarious. Take photos on Christmas day of you and your carboard friends and fam doing fun activities together. These will definitely become funny photos to look back on in a few years’ time.

And just remember, even if you can’t be with your friends and family this Christmas, it won’t be forever. We promise, you will get to see them soon. The Apero Team xx