It was love at first sight when Apéro met Mykayla Ball. This romantic tale began in December 2020, where she was invited to model for the S/S campaign photoshoot. It was clear on that day that this one of a kind talented graphic designer and marketing girl belonged at Apero! Her energetic and bubbly presence meshed perfectly with the team, while her skills and knowledge of the industry made her the ideal candidate! Fast forward to now, Mykayla is the perfect graphic designer. You’ll probably find her on our Instagram creating styling videos or on our Tiktok doing silly dances. Outside of work you’ll find her playing the ukulele & guitar, being passionate about climate change, or getting creative with her graphic design. Read below to find out more about Mykayla!

How do you feel about Apéro’s role in helping the community?

I am so proud to work for a brand that gives back to the community. Apéro donates 5% of all sales to the Women's Community Shelters charity, which establishes shelters for homeless women and offers support in a safe environment to help these women in need rebuild their self-esteem and get back on their feet. 

What's one thing you believe would not exist without women?

It's hard to pick between the ice cream maker (invented by Nancy Johnson in 1843, bless her) or the entire human race. You know, since women are the vessel of life and all that jazz.. There are so many inventions and scientific breakthroughs that deserve a mention, such as the Theory of Radioactivity, stem cell isolation and the electric refrigerator to name a few. 

What are your biggest passions in life?

  • Climate justice & environmentalism!
  • Creative outlets such as art, design, music, fashion and film 
  • Travelling the world and immersing myself in different cultures
  • Building strong relationships with the people I love and being a decent human being

Who is your favourite female musician?

It would be an injustice to name just one, so I will name  3: (not in order)  Stevie Nicks, Meg Mac and Missy Higgins. All are completely different from one another, but all provide good vibes and make me feel all them good feels.

What three things do you think women should celebrate about themselves?

First of all, women (everyone) should celebrate every part of themselves, even their flaws, because we are all one of a kind and that is pretty amazing.  But if I had to choose three I would say our strength, our individuality and our empathy.  

What is a charity organisation supporting women that you think people should know about? Why is this organisation important to you?

An amazing charity that I love which is working wonders for women is One Girl. One Girl endeavours to provide all girls access to quality education, promote health and menstrual hygiene, advocate for sexual rights and gender equality.  A recent statistic from UNICEF has found that approximately 130 million girls are not in school, therefore they are not receiving the same opportunities to succeed and grow as individuals. If all youth had the opportunity for education, we could reduce poverty, fight the climate crisis and create a fair and sustainable planet.


What chick flick have you seen more times than you can count?
And the landslide winner is...*drumroll pls*... Mean Girls, duh.

This movie will transcend time. Not a day goes by where I don't quote it and sometimes I find myself thinking about the absolute robbery when Mean Girls was not nominated for an Oscar in 2004.

Mean Girls 2 can't sit with us though. 

Favourite Apéro styles right now?

The Capri Set gives me life because it is effortlessly cool, hella comfortable and can be dressed up or down! An honourable mention goes out to the Confetti Embroidered Tee which simultaneously brightens and spices up my life. Also pretty much any green product I vibe, as I am a ginger and it's one of the few colours that cooperates with my fiery hair and pasty skin.