I know, I know... announcing a list of ways to kick start the new year may already seem a bit redundant. But lets be honest, January is always a filler month and the real resolutions don’t start till February anyway. 

By now the kids are back at school, work is well and truly in full swing, and (hopefully) your bank account is starting to look somewhat acceptable after the chaos that was the Silly Season. After a month of countless people asking you about your resolutions, goals for the year and whether or not you’ve made your vision board, it’s time to get started. 

Buy a new planner 
Personally my planners have never been used for more than three months of the year so this step may seem a bit pointless. However, if for those three months I feel like the most productive person out there then I still think its worth it. Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money, there are a number of apps and digital diaries available, as well as ultra cute planners at Kmart screaming your name. 

Meal prep
Whether it’s subscribing to a food service like Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon, or just getting some good ol Pinterest recipes a try, I can promise you you’ll never regret meal prepping. Save time, money and energy, trust me you’ll thank me later. 

Wardrobe clean out
If you’re anything like me, you probably spent one too many hours going through your wardrobe trying to find the perfect outfit for whichever event festive season was calling. Go through and clear out your wardrobe of any pieces you don’t find yourself reaching for. Say goodbye to dresses that shrunk in the wash, jeans that no longer fit, and tees that have been worn too thin - you’re never going to wear them!

Invest in quality
Returning to the office (unfortunatley) means you need to hang up the Summer uniform of denim shorts and bikinis. Don’t be sad - new outfits are exactly what you need to lead with confidence and set you up for success in the workplace! Invest in quality basic tees, tailored shorts, midi dresses, and accessories to allow for versatile yet  fashionable looks. With the right pieces, you could create twenty outfits from just eight pieces of clothing.