We're Thinking Of You...

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a ride with many ups and downs as we have faced many challenges. It’s never been more important to focus on mental health, to connect and support those around you. Today is RUOK? Day, our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to start a conversation and ask, “are you ok?”. A conversation could change a life and there’s no better place to start than now. For amazing resources in ways to approach a conversation with a friend or family member who needs love and support, head to ruok.org.au.

your conversation could change a life

To our community, know that the Apéro Team is thinking of you! No matter who you are, we have a world of love for you. Stay safe, stay healthy, and take time to check in with yourself and others. Please reach out to Lifeline for 24-hour crisis support - there is always help when you need it, you are not alone.

Much love, The Apéro team xx

reach out to your friends

September 10, 2020 — Ingela Furustig